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Box hunder the sign of time

Fabbricato terziario/produttivo, Via Passo Pordoi, Milano

Project name: Box hunder the sign of time

Location: Via Passo Pordoi, Milano, ex Magazzini Peck

Project architect: Attilio Terragni
Project team: Gino D'Andrea, Stefano Zanni, Maddalena Benedetti

General contractor: Renato Montorfano & C.
Constructor manager: Umberto Montorfano

Commission date: 2008

Starting date: November 2010
Completion: February 2012

Project description: 
The ‘box under the sign of time’ is a precious and solid crystal, which reflect the people, history and traditions of italian public buildings. The project was conceived from a desire to create a paramount image of the traditional rettangular volume. At the same time, the construction maximize the usability and integrate with surrounding areas. The building house long and proportionate side-lights, ample to illuminate each floor, based on a conceptual drawing of Teo Van Doesburg. Internally, light is the important characteristic of open-space. This key has been to define the building as one ‘where the environment and respect to the work space are the foundations of intervention.’ The “box” incorporates a dynamic body, composed of diagonal axis, that reference the same proportions of the existing city. This solution allows for the creation of working spaces in the building, surrounded by dinamic view of the external, transforming the perifery of milan into a new visual experience. The box is defined by a soft and transparent surface composed of a single skin façade, ever changing in its articulation and without any shadows. The role of light is one of the most important dimensions of the city. Beautiful cities are the instruments of light, resonating during the day and night, not merely by the light of nature or by artificial light. Each city casts its own individual light and it is this light, which makes a city unique.

Categoria: Industriale